Update on sshfp 4

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Thu May 15 04:13:19 EST 2014

The IANA has pre-allocated id 4 for ed25519.

If waiting on the IANA were a reason to delay applying the
SSHFP_KEY_ED25519 patch, it needn't be any longer.

I've proposed un-reserving hash type 0 to be a "NULL hash",
for those who'd rather publish the public key unhashed.  Even
if zero for unhashed fails to gain traction, I hope to see
something allocated for that.

But support for 4/1 ed25519/sha256 in the registry is a go.

>From the xml:

    <record date="2014-05-09">
      <description>ED25519 (TEMPORARY - expires 2015-05-09)</description>
      <xref type="draft" data="draft-moonesamy-sshfp-ed25519"/>

That'll be updated once the draft is published as an rfc.

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