ANNOUNCE: log-user-session (full SSH session auditing)

Konrad Bucheli kb at
Thu May 15 22:42:22 EST 2014

log-user-session is shell-wrapper that can be used via ForceCommand to
implement full logging of user sessions. It supports the following

- Flexible directory structure for the shell output log files.
- Support setuid-mode to write the files as another user.
- Properly starts the user shell as login shell.
- Optionally log only the command line of remote commands instead of
  the full output.

It is open source and available here:

konrad bucheli
security engineer

open systems ag
raeffelstrasse 29
ch-8045 zurich

t: +41 58 100 10 10
f: +41 58 100 10 11
kb at

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