Pulling stalls before 52MB (works via netcat)

Morham opensshdev at r.paypc.com
Sat May 24 10:41:19 EST 2014

On 5/4/2014 9:08 AM, Grant wrote:
> That didn't do it but switching to MTU 576 seems to have fixed it.  I
> suspect the root of the problem is that I'm using an AT&T modem/router
> with the server. I've had trouble using a proxy server there before
> and I discovered that the attached modem/router doesn't send ICMP
> responses. The solution proposed by AT&T was to put the modem/router
> into bridged mode but it's remote so I haven't been able to do that.

You probably don't need to go that low.  If the link is PPPoE, you lose 
a bit of the frame to PPP encapsulation.

MTU=1460 should be a safe and conservative setting that won't unduly 
contribute overheads. (Theoretically, MTU=1492 should be all that's 
required.)  If you used a PPPoE client/gateway that clamped MSS through 
the PPPoE default route automatically, you could leave the rest of your 
LAN's MTU settings at their default, while payloads will be 
automatically constrained when routed through the gateway to a safe 
value without requiring Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD).

Look for ICMP firewalling settings on the AT&T Modem/Router.  If you're 
blocking all ICMP out of the border, you've broken PMTUD.  Of course, on 
the client node side, bad firewalling can break it there as well.  Most 
(all?) operating systems support it by default these days.

> Could this MTU discovery also point to the modem/router and could
> putting it into bridged mode solve the problem? What can I do in the
> meantime?

Broken path MTU discovery is usually a firewalling problem.  If your 
server is overly restrictive on ICMP messages, this is usually the cause.

Bridging mode may simply allow you to duck the problem by placing 
firewalling decisions elsewhere in your network.

> Is it strange that netcat works with MTU 1500 and openssh doesn't?

Depending on the TCP_CORK/TCP_NODELAY related settings used by both, 
that could account for some differences in operation.  Without a packet 
log looking at the actual payloads + sizes, you might just be assuming 
that netcat's generating 1500 byte payloads over the wire.


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