VPN via tun interfaces on Mac OS

Jan Pechanec jan.pechanec at oracle.com
Thu Oct 2 03:43:01 EST 2014

	hi, when I tried to setup VPN over OpenSSH on my Mac laptop I 
found out that it does not natively support tun interfaces.  There is an 
existing project adding such support in a kernel module but it was not 
updated since 2011 so I haven't even tried that.

	I understand that Mac OS supports utun (user tunnel) interface 
which is automatically created (without creating the device under /dev) 
on behalf of the user when one connects to a special PF_SYSTEM socket.  
I verified that and have a piece of code that does it.  However, it 
needs more privileges than an unprivileged user so more investigation is 
needed before I can try to modify the client code.

	the reason I'm writing this is that I'm wondering whether anyone 
already tried that so that I don't attempt implementing the same thing.  
I cannot find anyone mentioning it in this list though.

	thanks, Jan.

Jan Pechanec <jan.pechanec at oracle.com>

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