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> Darren Tucker <dtucker at> writes:
> [...]
> My code checks for sane values in the fields in the packet, so it rejects
> it
> as malformed before it gets to the interesting philosophical issue of how
> to
> send a response to a request for zero responses.

IMO it's not malformed, see below.

>If it was just the prompt part of the packet, what's in the name and
> >instruction fields?
> Nothing.  All fields are empty,

That's explicitly allowed by RFC4256.  In addition to allowing zero
prompts, section 3.2 also says:

 "The language tag is deprecated and SHOULD be the empty string."


  "The name and instruction fields MAY be empty strings; the client MUST
   be prepared to handle this correctly.  The prompt field(s) MUST NOT
   be empty strings."

> >Zero prompts is specifically allowed by RFC4256 section 3.2:

> Sure, but since they're also empty there's nothing to display.

So it's really
> a case of "what do you do in response to a request for zero responses?".

Do what it says in RFC4256 section 3.4?

   "In the case that the server sends a `0' num-prompts field in the
   request message, the client MUST send a response message with a `0'
   num-responses field to complete the exchange."

  I'm not sure if promulgating koans was a goal of OpenSSH.

I'd like to think one of the goals was implementing the RFCs :-)

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