Tera Term, Unexpected SSH2 message(80) on current stage(6) [was Re: SAP-2015-3-1 issues]

Bryan Drewery bryan at shatow.net
Thu Apr 9 12:28:53 AEST 2015

On 4/8/2015 8:44 PM, Bryan Drewery wrote:
> On 3/1/2015 2:54 AM, Damien Miller wrote:
>> On Sat, 28 Feb 2015, The Doctor wrote:
>>> When will it be added in?
>> It's already committed. It's in git now and will be in the next snapshot.
>>>> Is this an error that breaks the connection or a warning?
>>> Break the connection; in this case Tera Type.
>> It seems to be crashing on a valid, but unexpected extension message, do
>> you know what identification tera type sends in its ssh banner?
> I recently upgraded to 6.8 and ran into this. It breaks the client.
> From the server:
> debug1: Client protocol version 2.0; client software version TTSSH/2.72
> Win32
> [...]
> Received disconnect from 11: Unexpected SSH2 message(80) on
> current stage(6)

It seems that Tera Term has fixed this but not yet released a build with it.


This patch fixes it in OpenSSH for me:


Bryan Drewery

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