Test coverage results available online

Harri Porten porten at froglogic.com
Fri Apr 24 21:06:06 AEST 2015

Dear OpenSHH developers,

in case this helps with your testing efforts:



you'll find an overview of the condition/decision code coverage as 
achieved through a run of the test suite. The state last used is from the 
git master branch commit 70860b6.

You might find the total coverage 27.8% to be much lower than what you've 
seen before. Main reason is the use of the condition/decision metric which 
is more ambitious than plain branch or line coverage. It requires testing 
of more input combinations to achieve a higher level. On the positive side 
chances of missing out a bug decrease.

Known and potential issues:

  - Some statements are flagged as dead (unreachable) code which might be 
fine according to the project's coding style. Like a 'break' after a 

  - The code configuration or test execution setup might be non-optimal and 
have some features or tests disabled.


  - Improve the test execution name to be more meaningful than just 'ssh 

  - Filter out false negatives like above cases of dead code.

If you have any questions about the results, see a problem, or have a 
suggestion just let me know. While the analysis of Open Source projects 
started as an internal dogfooding project for our company's tool Squish 
Coco we also hope to contribute something back to the quality of software 
we all rely on.


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