pam_end() wont get called

Sebastian Roland seroland86 at
Fri Jan 2 09:43:16 EST 2015

Version: OpenSSH 6.7p1
Platform: ARM and x86_64 (both using offical ArchLinux packages)

I am writing a PAM module for OpenSSH where I register a cleanup
function as follows:

int rc = pam_set_data(pamh, "x509_info", x509_info, &cleanup_x509_info);

The cleanup function so far is only there for testing purposes:

static void
cleanup_x509_info(pam_handle_t *pamh, void *data, int error_status)
    FILE *foo = fopen("/tmp/THIS_IS_A_TEST", "a");
    LOG_MSG("Cleanup called");

Whether the file nor the log entry is there. So I suppose the function
will never be called.
This is not optimal as datastructures should be freed here currently
leading to memory leaks.

The sshd_config can be find attached.


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