OpenSSH_6.7p1 hostbased authentication failing on linux->linux connection. what's wrong with my config?

Mark Hahn hahn at
Sat Jan 10 10:15:36 AEDT 2015

>>> On the client
>>> 	grep Identity /usr/local/etc/ssh/ssh_config
>>> 		IdentityFile /usr/local/etc/ssh/ssh.client.ed25519
>> shouldn't this be HostKey in sshd_config?
>> presumably that's what ssh-keysign is looking for,
>> not a *user* key.
> That's on the *client*. note that it's in ssh_config

exactly.  how else is ssh-keysign going to know about your 
non-default (client) host key's location?

> 	cat /usr/local/etc/ssh/ssh_config
> 		...
> 		Host *
> 		IdentityFile /usr/local/etc/ssh/ssh.client.ed25519

again, IdentityFile is a user key.

> On the *server*, in sshd_config it's
> 	cat /usr/local/etc/ssh/sshd_config
> 		...
> 		HostKey  /usr/local/etc/ssh/ssh.server.ed25519

sure, that's great.  the problem is on the client side...

regards, mark hahn

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