Latest 6.7p1 building failed on AIX 5.3

Michael Felt aixtools at
Thu Jan 29 18:53:00 AEDT 2015

New to list I could not reply directly to message
so I shall reply here.

va_copy missing is something I used to run into frequently - and I forget
how I got that to go away - so I cannot help you directly there. If I
recall, this may be related to your starting point.

FYI: I use a basic build system based on AIX 5.3 TL7 SP10 (closing SP for
TL7) with one exception - I have the openssl from AIX 5.3 TL12 (in any case
later than TL7)

FYI: openssl for AIX 5.3TL7 is openssl.0.9.8d (fileset
openssl.base. whereas the later openssl is 0.9.8.k
(openssl.base. - Note d is 4th letter of alphabet and k is the

I have successfully built openssh-6.7p1 on this system - and it loads on
both AIX 5.3 as AIX 6.1 (TL9 is what I tested). It does not run on AIX 7.1
- even though, imho, it should. I did a short write-up on this build on my
AIX portal - There is a link
to a binary package in the article - please excuse the 'advertising'.

To help with standardizing, and being lazy, I have developed a package I
call 'buildaix' that makes use of mkinstallp to configure, make and
mkinstallp opensource packages. I have just uploaded my current version of
this package to

So, in reply to the request for any "help" or "suggestions" I would be
interested in how it helps and/or with other "aixtools" opensource things I
have packaged. One that is often needed is GNU gettext.

Lastly, my experience when packaging is that the real test is when others
load, or try to load a package and say what went wrong. So I will be
grateful for feedback should you try my packaged version of openssh and/or
requests for fixes/features with buildaix.


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