SSH over websockets

Ángel González keisial at
Sat Jan 31 02:43:09 AEDT 2015

On 30/01/15 08:39, Phil Lello wrote:
> > It will depend on how picky the firewalls are. You may prefer to 
> embed it into a https stream,
> That's certainly worth considering. However, my focus when posting was 
> more motivated by defining a standard for ssh - over - web sockets, 
> such as ws://host/path, along with a standard (as opposed to proxy 
> command) implementation.
How would then programs (like vcs) that use a path like ssh://host/path 
to mean "connect remotely using ssh" learn what to do with a 
ssh-over-websocket url if you used ws:// there? IMHO ssh-over-websocket 
should be ssh+ws://
(if at all desired)

> I think in intranet environments tunneling over HTTP is good so that 
> firewalls can inspect session setup/endpoints; in public environments 
> I'd go for HTTPS to prevent precisely that.
The first thing a websocket client would do if knowingly using a proxy 
would be to open a HTTP tunnel with CONNECT.
If that's allowed by the proxy, you could as well use ssh-over-http 
directly, instead of websockets.

> So, would a patch to the client to support hostnames as ws:// or 
> wss:// be a welcome addition? If so, should a reference server be 
> included too, given that I would be doing this as an apache module?
If any, I would make ssh connect directly to a ssh:// url, and for a 
ssh+foo(\+[^:])*:// execute a 'foo' wrapper (eg. /usr/bin/ as 

I'm not convinced of the general usefulness of doing ssh over websockets 

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