sftp chroot requirements

Stephan Leemburg sleemburg at it-functions.nl
Sat May 2 07:53:12 AEST 2015

I did not find any clues when 'googling' and could not find any search 
options on the archives.

So, your answer does really not help.

If you can help me with some reference, then it is highly appreciated.

I would like to understand the rationaly. Not why 'it is just like it is'.
No, why. What is the reasoning behind it.

I speak Dutch, English, some Japanese and C. So, I can write something 
to patch it up in C.

But if I do not understand the rationale behind it, what is the value of 
the writing in any language?

If I do not understand the context, that you think I should implicitly 
understand, what should I do?

I can send in a patch if you like.

Kind regards,

On 01-05-15 23:42, Damien Miller wrote:
> On Fri, 1 May 2015, Stephan Leemburg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there any security reason why the last component of a chroot path
>> is required to be owned by root and not by the user that is chroot-ed
>> into that path?
> This has been discussed on this mailing list several times in the past.
> You should check the archives.

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