sftp chroot requirements

Stephan Leemburg sleemburg at hachimitsu.nl
Sat May 2 09:07:55 AEST 2015

Thank you.

I looked through some. If I search on chroot, then I get a lot of 
things. But no rationale.

So, where is the rationale?

Where is the rationale behind the fact that the final component of the 
chroot path should be owned by root? As I already said - and now I also 
assume you know about all and everything I ever said - I do not see any 
security risk in the final chroot component being owned by the user if 
it is not a shared chroot end-path.

I cannot find a rationale in the code. I cannot find it on 'the web'. 
Referring to some mailing lists is not helping. It does not state the 

Please explain the rationale behind the safe_chroot path checking. And 
document it.

Why does the final component of the chroot path has to be owned by root?
What security issues - that I cannot think of - would arise if it is not 
owned by root?

Can I send in a patch?

Just referring people to 'you did not look, go look $maybehere' does not 
really help.
Not receiving an answer would be better than your answer. You seem to 
have background knowledge.
You seem to recall discussions about chroot. Where these discussions 
also about the _why_ the ownership of the final component of the chroot 
is supposed to be root?

Kind regards,

On 02-05-15 00:23, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Stephan Leemburg wrote:
>> I did not find any clues when 'googling' and could not find any search
>> options on the archives.
> Try harder: http://marc.info/?l=openssh-unix-dev
> //Peter
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