Weak DH primes and openssh

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Mon May 25 09:21:34 AEST 2015

On Sun, 24 May 2015, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> Yep, but then we're all just relying on your (or Darren's) claims of
> Miller-Rabin tests, i guess.  I trust you guys, but as Darren points
> out, it's a drag to have to be a single point of failure on something
> like this where corroboration would be better.

You can trust and verify :)

ssh-keygen -T /tmp/moduli < /etc/moduli

Will run the Miller-Rabin tests on your own system, and with open-source

> In that spirit, i've just tested the moduli (both the 2012 versions and
> the recent update), using gmp's mpz_probab_prime_p() [2] with 400 rounds
> of randomized Miller-Rabin [3] on each modulus p and on q=(p-1)/2.

That works too :)


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