Using two agents

Phil Pennock phil.pennock at
Sun May 31 16:29:35 AEST 2015

On 2015-05-30 at 11:25 -0400, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> The workable, but fugly solution is to load an ssh-agent with the keys
> you want in environment two, keep a local unencrypted private key for
> permiter access to environment one stored in a shielded, protected,
> ideally locally disk partition encrypted location, and set up
> $HOME/.ssh/config with a "Host" entry to specify that
> non-standard-location unencrypted key location to use for accessing
> that permiter host or those perimeter hosts. I don't like this
> solution myself, but it satisfies all the stated requirements of "I
> don't want to keep typing my perimeter key passphrase"

This is what we do.  The reliance upon disk encryption and loss of
passphrase protection is ... "unfortunate".

> Mind you, I've never been complete thrilled with ssh-agent. If you
> really want to segregate credentials for different environments, you
> might look into Kerberos based authentication, which can provide a
> very different approach to finer grained credential management. I just
> wish I could get it to work with Subversion.....

Each environment is distinct, in locations where we don't fully control
DNS and where Kerberos is not a plausible solution.  At least, I haven't
considered it seriously, but I'll think on it some more.  >90% sure it's
not, given that one of the things I've had to log into those setups to
do was to fix messed up system clocks.  A bit of a chicken/egg problem
if that now requires Kerberos.

When I used subversion with Kerberos, I only used it with https and was
always fighting some aspect of the lack of consideration for this
use-case.  Neon would at least allow Kerberos via WWW-Negotiate, as long
as HTTPS was in use, not HTTP.


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