First steps to add an authenticated key agreement protocol (private branch).

Ross Snider ross.snider at
Sun Nov 8 11:06:32 AEDT 2015

Starting by following Damian Miller's commit
1e1242604eb0fd510fe93f81245c529237ffc513 I have been trying to understand
where precisely to include additional ciphers into my server and client
cipherlists for handshake (this commit is the start of ed25519 support).

I have looked at the diff of myproposal.h and also the 25519 implementation.

I do not see where the implementation is mapped to the canonical name
string so that it can be included in client code (ssh/sshd.c).

Does anyone have experience or a tutorial on the various areas of code that
link key exchange, EVP structs and other function pointer, and the
handshake process all together?


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