OpenSSH and stdin/stdout assigning

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at
Fri Oct 9 16:49:57 AEDT 2015

> So there is the difference in assigning stdin and stdout for ssh
> connections. Openssh 4.3 assigns socket (I assume this socket points
> to /dev/log but not really sure, I've got it from strace), and openssh
> 5.3 assigns pipes.
> I'm wondering is it expected behaviour? Is there way to assign pipes
> in openssh 4.3 too?
> Looked through code but I'm not very familiar with C programming.
The most easy way is to *make* STDIN (and STDOUT) a pipe:

    $ ssh root at rhel5 'cat | /bin/ls -la /proc/self/fd | cat'

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