Strange behaviour with ptmx file descriptors

Ángel González keisial at
Fri Apr 15 10:06:53 AEST 2016

Hello Nacho

El 04/04/16 15:38, Nacho del Rey escribió:
> Hi list
> Transmission KO
> read(13, "\7\33[1;16H \33[6;6H_______\33[7;1H -INFORME CANT.
> RECOGIDA-\33[7;26H", 16384) = 67
> write(3,
> "P\247\244}\277\322\260\21\3314\7\227\223~\317\360\35\334\232\372\237\250\320\312\1;\25\37\23\363\363O&0\355i{zUbr\365,\362yyl\222",
> 48) = 48
> It seems the file descriptor disappears while the system call (read) is
> reading from it?
No, the file descriptor will still be there.

sshd is taking the program output from the terminal (13) and sending out 
through the socket
(3). What's the corresponding strace of the client ssh?

> I ran out of ideas. Can anybody drive me to the right direction?
> Regards, Nacho.
What's the terminal emulator used in the client side? Does resetting it 
(from a menu option) make it receive the server output again?


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