Strange behaviour with ptmx file descriptors

Ángel González keisial at
Sat Apr 16 07:53:53 AEST 2016

El 15/04/16 11:28, Nacho del Rey escribió:
> Hi Angel and many thanks for your answer
> The application still sending & receiving data
>   .- strace over the application:
I asked for the corresponding strace of the client ssh, where the data 
should have been received and printed to the console.

> The strange thing is all file descriptors of all processes are in 
> place but it seems for any strange reason, something happen to fd#13 ( 
> C Program fd #1 --> ssd read fd #13) because it disappears from the 
> select call (it won't be available in the read fd set ever)
Interesting. I wonder if that's expected and sshd waits for 
acknowledgment from the remote ssh before reading again.

Also, seems you missed this suggestion:
>     What's the terminal emulator used in the client side? Does
>     resetting it (from a menu option) make it receive the server
>     output again?
>     Cheers

Best regards

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