MaxDisplays for 7.3?

AG openssh at
Mon Aug 1 08:58:14 AEST 2016


I noticed that the PermitOpen wildcard patch I submitted was merged into
7.3. Thanks for that, I've tested it and looks good. Red Hat is planning on
backporting it into their downstream OpenSSH RPMS for release in RHEL7.

Is it too late for the OpenSSH 7.3 release to also add the MaxDisplays
patch I submitted? This was backported into test RPMS by Red Hat and seemed
to work well in a test environment. It would be great to get these both
added in one release if only because of the timing. My interest is a bit
selfish of course- I need both features :D

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look at and merge the first. If the
second has to be discussed further or added to 7.4 then we can worry about
that later- let me know if there's anything I can do to help with that.

The "second" patch I am referring to moves the #define MAX_DISPLAYS to
MaxDisplays in sshd_config and is available in the bug tracker as issue


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