ssh(d) identification string in portable (clarification)

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Tue Aug 9 07:21:55 AEST 2016

On Mon 2016-08-08 03:24:36 -0400, Jakub Jelen wrote:

> We got a report [1], that we miss "p1" suffix in the sshd identification 
> strings in Fedora. I dig in and found out that it is also missing from 
> portable usptream since 2004, when you were rewriting  version.h  header 
> file with this information.
> Debian somehow patched this information back during the time in some 
> places (ssh_api.c is missing).

this is arguably a (very old) bug in debian:

> It does not look like intention to remove the release version 
> information [2]. Can you clarify?
> [1]
> [2]

The synopsis of that changeset comment (by Damien Miller) is:

    Don't divulge portable version in protocol

That seems like a pretty clear intent.  (and fwiw, i think it's the
right thing to do)

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