ProxyJump in 7.3, depending on location

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at
Fri Aug 12 19:39:24 AEST 2016


I'm very grateful for the new ProxyJump option. It helps tremendously!

One small question I'd like to ask, though: Is there a way to skip
one (mostly the first) jump host if the machine is in some specific 

For example, from home, I (resp. a shell script) need to jump to the 
office's server, a customers' login host, and then to the destination
node; from the office I could skip the first jump.

I'm aware of the "Match" keyword in .ssh/config; but I don't see how
I could use that here, as I cannot check for the locally configured
IP address or network to find out "where" I am.

Interactively I could easily append some marker (like ".office"),
match on that, and hopefully just have a ProxyJump to the office's
server in that stanza; but within scripts that's a bit awful.

Is there a way to get that working?

Thanks for all help, ideas and hints.

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