Fwd: [krbdev.mit.edu #8487] 'krb5-config --libs' does not show '-lkrb5support' [Version: krb5-1.14.3]

rl rainer.laatsch at t-online.de
Tue Aug 30 13:57:42 AEST 2016

Concerning the bug report to krbdev.mit.edu #8487 ,
the following answer was given:

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Subject: [krbdev.mit.edu #8487] 'krb5-config --libs' does not show 
'-lkrb5support' [Version: krb5-1.14.3]
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 11:21:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Greg Hudson via RT <rt-comment at krbdev.mit.edu>
Reply-To: rt-comment at krbdev.mit.edu
To: rainer.laatsch at t-online.de

The --enable-static --disable-shared configure flags for krb5 aren't 
supported, and should probably be removed.  They was added so that we 
could use gcov to measure the code coverage of our test suite, but gcov 
now supports shared libraries.

We definitely don't want to output -lkrb5support for everyone in krb5-
config; that would unnecessarily include libkrb5support in the direct 
library dependencies of programs built against krb5.

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