Not able to authenticate Windows AD Users after openssh upgrade

Vijay Sridhar vijaysridhar03 at
Fri Jul 1 19:27:32 AEST 2016


We have RHEL6 in our enviroment ,  , our openssh version 5.3 & we were able
to connect windows Active directory users using ldap & nslcd configuration
( /etc/pam_ldap.conf , nsswitch.conf ) .

Recently we upgraded to openssh 7.2 , we compile openssh with Pam
,Md5password , kerbose5 , but after upgradation we were not able to connect
AD users ( ldap users) , only we were able to connect Local users . Key
based authentication is working for both Local & Remote users , but still
we were unable to find the solution ,  kindly advice if any thing which i
am missing in openssh or any additional configuration required

விஜய் ஸ்ரீதர்   S.Vijay

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