SSH Closes Immediately After Opening

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You can turn on server logging with the -ddd option.  This will run the server in the foreground and send debug output to stderr

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Subject: SSH Closes Immediately After Opening

Hello there,

I am having trouble connecting to a ssh server installed with openssh recently. I have posted about the problem on Superuser, and I will repost a description of the issue below. If anyone here is able to rescue me from my deep well of ignorance, I will be very grateful.

I'm trying to set up an ssh server using OpenSSH on Windows 10. On one of my computers, I've been able to set up the server and successfully login from the same machine.

On the other computer, the SSH session seems to be terminating immediately, despite having the same default settings in a similar Windows 10 system.

After logging in from the command prompt with ssh -vvv localhost, here is the information displayed after the password has been entered:

I've seen a few posts suggesting that I turn on logging <>
get more information. However, I can't figure out how to accomplish this.
None of the log files that appear in C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\var\loghave any information, and I can't figure out where the logs might be, or how else to enable them.

Let me know if you have any suggestions how to solve my problem or at least to enable logging. Thanks!
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