Cannot get sftp transfers to log in the systemd journal

John da_audiophile at
Tue May 10 22:19:38 AEST 2016

> There are two possibilities. Either you set up logging socket in chroot 
> and set up syslog/journal to receive message from it, or there is some 
> possibility to log over the socket opened by the parent (before going 
> into chroot), which is a bit hacky solution (and not upstream for some 
> reason). We have got the patch in our git [1], but there will probably 
> be some bug in upstream bugzilla.
> [1] 
> Regards,

Thanks for the reply, Jakub.  The patch you pointed me to does not apply to the current release of openssh unfortunately (v7.2p2).  Do you have a more contemporary version of the patch I can try?

I can google around for a logging socket... I assume this can be implemented without the patch you referenced and on the current version 7.2p2?

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