Directory listing fails for specific user

Philipp Marek philipp.marek at
Mon May 23 15:37:03 AEST 2016

> We have recently had a new problem with one of the users on one of our servers. 
> Filezilla claims it connects and authenticates, but then fails to list 
> the directory (although no error message is output, it just eventually 
> times out. There is the full output of filezilla located here: 
> I do not get the same issue for other users on the same server. For 
> example, the output of a working user connecting to the same server is: 
> (filezilla) and 
> (openssh). I'm at a complete loss as to what may be causing this and 
> cannot find anyone on t'internet with the same issue. 
PMTU detection goes wrong, and the specific user has a directory with too 
many entries?

Try to list /usr/bin/ as various users, and/or reduce the MTU for testing.

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