SBC's and ssh's encryptions

Peter Stuge peter at
Mon Nov 28 12:14:12 AEDT 2016

Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Show an error message when starting e.g. xterm on pi.

Without error messages you can't really get further help.

> > Way off topic now.
> Not really,

Yes, really. Off topic for this mailing list.

This is Unix/X basics, nothing at all to do with OpenSSH.

> gene at raspberrypi:~ $ xauth extract - $DISPLAY|ssh gene at xauth merge -
> gene at's password: 
> gene at raspberrypi:~ $ echo $DISPLAY
> localhost:10.0
> This lack of apparent effect

The command will have had an effect, but maybe not what you think.
Your method of measuring is at least not measuring the effect.

And it's not appropriate for what you want to do.


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