sshd dies when starting gkrellm

Philipp Marek philipp at
Wed Aug 30 17:33:23 AEST 2017

> sshd also dies when certain other kinds of traffic is generated, such 
> as
> `man pw' using the most pager[1], and many x11 apps such as emacs.
> However, it is stable when running simple x11 apps such as xeyes, and
> the link its self is stable -- a terminal will stay connected without
> issue for days, as long as not much happens in it.  Also a sshfs
> connection dies immediately.
> ssh -Y karren
> gkrellm &
> *sshd dies*

My guess is that you *have* an MTU problem on your link, ie. that the 
PMTU detection doesn't work; and 1400 might still be too big.

For a test, please run

     # ping -M do -c 3 -s <size> <peer>

with size values from 600 to 1400, and then 1450 and 1472.

If some size works but the higher ones don't, set the MTU of one of the 
machines to the corresponding value, and then establish an SSH 

Also, if your traceroute has an "--mtu" option, you could run

     # traceroute --mtu <peer> 1472

to see some information; but as your ICMPs seem to get filtered, that 
might not actually help.

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