remote port forwarding based on protocol

Sudarshan Soma sudarshan12s at
Thu Dec 14 04:21:40 AEDT 2017

I have the following  requirement.

-> ssh username at ipaddr
It has to direct the ssh requests to port 2035 on machine with IP , ipaddr

-> scp username at ipaddr
It has to direct scp requests to port 2036 on machine with IP, ipaddr

The reason we want this way is , on machine with IP addr ipaddr, we are
listening on 2035 for giving custom login shell. on port 2036, we provide
scp transfers.

I tried putting remote port forwarding rule at machine, ipaddr as below for
first request,
ssh  -R 22:localhost:2035 root at localhost

>From external source, from my laptop:
ssh username at ipaddr still not work, Please suggest are there ways to add
redirections differentiating ssh, scp .


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