force port redirection for list of users

Sudarshan Soma sudarshan12s at
Sun Jul 9 02:41:13 AEST 2017

Hi ,
I have the following requirement .
other than following users, any other user sshd connection should be
redirected to 2024 instead of port 22.
root, ftp, guest

ssh root at ip // should be sent to sshd  running at port 22
ssh otheruser at ip // should be sent to sshd running at  port  2024

I know that we can do something like this:

ssh -o ProxyCommand='ssh -W localhost:2024 cliuser at ip' otheruser@
<secadmin at>ip

will take to otheruser login to port 2024 after sshd_config settings

Match user cliuser

MaxSessions 0

    PermitOpen localhost:2024

This requires long command at the client side . Can this be made simple like

ssh otheruser at ip automatically goes to port 2024 after i make some
redirection at sshd_config

Thanks and Regards,


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