Administrivia: new list server

Kyle J. McKay mackyle at
Mon Jul 10 15:13:39 AEST 2017

On July 5, 2017 05:33:01 PDT, Damien Miller wrote:

> I've migrated the list, bugzilla and anongit servers. With one  
> exception
> (below), you shouldn't see any difference. If you do then I've  
> messed up
> and I'd appreciate your letting me know.

Before the migration this worked:

   git ls-remote git://

Now it does not.

Of course you can replace "git:" with either "http:" or "https:" and  
it will work, but neither the "http:" nor the "https:" variant is  
"smart" enabled whereas the "git:" version was.  The "smart" version  
allows one to only fetch what one does not have whereas the non-smart  
version requires fetching of entire packs even when all you need is  
the latest commit.  The "http:" and "https:" versions can be smart- 
enabled by using git-http-backend (see "git help http-backend" for  
example configs).


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