sshd 7.4p1 with ssl 1.0.2j seg faults, MacOSX 10.12.2/3, clang-800.0.42.1 (workaround)

Zube Zube at
Thu Mar 9 13:58:08 AEDT 2017

Just a follow-up from January:  after updating to the latest Xcode,
latest openssl and the latest openssh SNAP, ssh would build as before,
but still would not run and this still appeared in the logs:

assertion failed 16C67:  libsystem_trace.dynlib+76912
[5BD4ECD4-75CA-38EA-AF5C-B481C15955F8]: 0x0

I gave up, built gcc 6.3 and used that to compile.  Everything was
peachy as long as the OSX system files were there.  They come with
the command line tools, which can be installed with:

xcode-select --install


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