Call for testing: OpenSSH 7.5p1

Damien Miller djm at
Wed Mar 15 11:47:20 AEDT 2017

On Tue, 14 Mar 2017, Jakub Jelen wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't see this option deprecated in current portable master. Still in place.
> How are we going to be able to switch between Sandbox and just privilege
> separation?

We might consider some way of disabling sandboxing (apart from editing
the source) if there is user demand, but I think developers/packagers
can figure out sandbox violations pretty easily from dmesg, etc.

> As far as I remember, various people still use this use case to test
> other SSH implementation (privsep requires running a root, isn't it?).

No, only setuid to an unprivileged user needs that; the rest of privsep
including sandboxing is still active if sshd is run as a regular user.

> >  * Fix various fallout and sharp edges caused by removing SSH protocol
> >    1 support from the server, including the server banner string being
> >    incorrectly terminated with only \n (instead of \r\n), and
> >    confusing error messages from ssh-keyscan bz#2583.
> I would vouch for this bug get fixed too in the relation to the SSH1 removal:
> Also this one is a bit confusing:

Will take a look.


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