Call for testing: OpenSSH 7.6

Kevin Brott kevin.brott at
Wed Sep 27 13:45:41 AEST 2017

On 09/24/2017 07:12 PM, Phil Pennock wrote:
> On 2017-09-24 at 17:37 -0700, Kevin Brott wrote:
>> On 09/20/2017 05:47 PM, Damien Miller wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> OpenSSH 7.6p1 is almost ready for release, so we would appreciate testing
>>> on as many platforms and systems as possible. This is a bugfix release.
>> openssh-SNAP-20170925.tar.gz && git clone as of 2017/09/24 @ 17:20 PDT
>> OpSys           Compiler   OpenSSL     Build     Test
>> Debian 8.9    gcc 4.9.2    1.0.1t        YES        all tests passed
>> Debian 9.1    gcc 6.3.0    1.1.0f        NO *1
>> Looks like the default openssl version on Debian 9 is 1.1.0f, which according to the INSTALL doc is a deal-breaker (LibreSSL or OpenSSL >= 0.9.8f < 1.1.0).
> Debian 9.1 is one of the ones I tested on and it worked, so I looked
> into this: it looks like Debian 9.1 has libssl installed for both 1.0.2l
> and 1.1.0f, but then the openssl package for the latter, providing only
> the command-line interface.
> A plain install of Debian includes neither set of dev headers, the
> "apt-get build-dep openssh" step installed "libssl1.0-dev".  The plain
> install I got included both binary-library packages by default.

I must not have properly cleaned up the dev environment from the tweaking run I did on clamav for our systems. You're quite right. After I installed the openssl1.0-dev package and it cleared out the conflicting 1.1 stuff, the openssh 7.6 sources then built and tested without a hitch.  Nothing on the system broke, except the dev environment for clamav, which I was done with anyway.  Interesting that there seems to be a mix of ssl dependencies on 9.1 (I got a bit dizzy trying to follow them all).

Any idea if openssh is going to roadmap into openssl 1.1 any time soon?

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