Unable to disable connection sharing

Dale Worley dale.worley at oracle.com
Sat Sep 30 02:08:00 AEST 2017

I'm unable to disable connection sharing using command line options when 
connection sharing is enabled in ~/.ssh/config.  Neither '-S none' nor 
'-o ControlPath=none' prevents ssh from attempting to open the control path.

I am seeing this problem in obsolete versions of OpenSSH (6.6.1p1 and 
6.9.1p1).  This feature should be working smoothly by those versions, so 
I'd like to check if anyone knows that this has been fixed before I go 
to the work of building and testing against the latest version, or 
conversely if it's a known problem in the current release.  I can't find 
anything relevant in Bugzilla over the past few years.



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