[PATCH] removing an old API.

Markus Schmidt markus at blueflash.cc
Tue Dec 4 05:29:45 AEDT 2018

While looking for leaks I came across two old packet APIs which are easy 
to remove.  I'm sending patches for each separately.

First, there is the packet_set_connection(int fd_in, int fd_out) 
function in opacket.c

The function relies on a behavior in ssh_packet_set_connection() where, 
when it is passed a NULL pointer, it will implicitely allocate a struct 
ssh and return it after then set the fds in it.

sshd.c appears to be the only place where the API is still used, so we
can place that sequence there. sshd.c calls the old function only once 
during initialization (in main()) so it does appear to arrive there 
while active_state is still NULL.

So when called with active_state==NULL, essentially the old function is 
roughly equivalent to:

     struct *ssh = ssh_alloc_session_state();
     ssh_packet_set_connection(ssh, fd_in, fd_out)
     active_state = ssh;

ssh.c handles this in a similar way.  It calls 
ssh_alloc_session_state_state directly then setting the active_state 
pointer with the result (ssh.c line 2113).

When doing this in sshd.c too, which I think is pretty straightforward, 
the packet_set_connection() will become obsolete.

diff --git a/opacket.c b/opacket.c
index 92e17a5..bff4c36 100755
--- a/opacket.c
+++ b/opacket.c
@@ -202,14 +202,6 @@ ssh_packet_get_cstring(struct ssh *ssh, u_int 

  /* Old API, that had to be reimplemented */

-packet_set_connection(int fd_in, int fd_out)
-	active_state = ssh_packet_set_connection(active_state, fd_in, fd_out);
-	if (active_state == NULL)
-		fatal("%s: ssh_packet_set_connection failed", __func__);
diff --git a/opacket.h b/opacket.h
index c6e5124..d711468 100755
--- a/opacket.h
+++ b/opacket.h
@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@ do { \
  void	 packet_close(void);
  u_int	 packet_get_char(void);
  u_int	 packet_get_int(void);
-void     packet_set_connection(int, int);
  int	 packet_read_seqnr(u_int32_t *);
  int	 packet_read_poll_seqnr(u_int32_t *);
  void	 packet_process_incoming(const char *buf, u_int len);
diff --git a/sshd.c b/sshd.c
index 2795a2e..65b96d4 100755
--- a/sshd.c
+++ b/sshd.c
@@ -1906,9 +1906,12 @@ main(int ac, char **av)
  	 * Register our connection.  This turns encryption off because we do
  	 * not have a key.
-	packet_set_connection(sock_in, sock_out);
+	if ((ssh = ssh_alloc_session_state()) == NULL)
+		fatal("Couldn't allocate session state");
+	active_state = ssh; /* XXX legacy API compat */
+	if (ssh_packet_set_connection(ssh, sock_in, sock_out) != NULL)
+		fatal("ssh_packet_set_connection failed");
-	ssh = active_state; /* XXX */


1.9.5 (Apple Git-50.3)+GitX

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