[PATCH] leak in ssh_set_newkeys()

Markus Schmidt markus at blueflash.cc
Fri Dec 7 21:28:58 AEDT 2018

Bugzilla # 2942 (https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2942)

During initialization a memory leak occurs in

During startup  ssh_set_newkeys()  is called twice, once with MODE_OUT 
and once with MODE_IN.

Accordingly the ccp pointer points to state->send_context and 

At this time state->newkeys[mode] is stil NULL, so the if-clause 
("rekeying") does not apply.

Further down cipher_init(ccp, ...) is called.

First thing that cipher_init() does is setting *ccp= NULL;  which is be 
equivalent to "state->send_context= NULL" (or "state->send_context= NULL").

These point to memory blocks already.
The pointers are lost, the memory leaks.

Proposal: move

		*ccp = NULL;

from the "rekeying" if-clause and place these two lines before calling 

A more conservative approach would be to add

           if (*ccp!=NULL) {
		*ccp = NULL;

before calling cipher_init().

diff --git a/packet.c b/packet.c
index dcf35e6..3a5a735 100644
--- a/packet.c
+++ b/packet.c
@@ -858,8 +858,6 @@ ssh_set_newkeys(struct ssh *ssh, int mode)
  		   (unsigned long long)state->p_read.blocks,
  		   (unsigned long long)state->p_send.bytes,
  		   (unsigned long long)state->p_send.blocks);
-		cipher_free(*ccp);
-		*ccp = NULL;
  		state->newkeys[mode] = NULL;
@@ -878,6 +876,8 @@ ssh_set_newkeys(struct ssh *ssh, int mode)
  	mac->enabled = 1;
  	DBG(debug("cipher_init_context: %d", mode));
+	cipher_free(*ccp);
+	*ccp = NULL;
  	if ((r = cipher_init(ccp, enc->cipher, enc->key, enc->key_len,
  	    enc->iv, enc->iv_len, crypt_type)) != 0)
  		return r;

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