vanilla build of 7.7p1 release on linux/4.17 fails with gcc8 @ "/usr/bin/ld: unrecognized option '-Wl,-z,retpolineplt'"

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Jun 8 10:53:55 AEST 2018

On 8 June 2018 at 10:37, Darren Tucker <dtucker at> wrote:
> whereas my example is invoking via gcc.  I assume you are explicitly
> setting the LD env var?

I can reproduce it by setting LD=ld.  I think I see what's happening:
the test is invoking $CC as a linker instead of $LD and they behave
differently in this case.

configure:6352: checking if ld supports link flag -Wl,-z,retpolineplt
configure:6375: gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -pipe -Wall -Wpointer-arith
-Wuninitialized -Wsign-compare -Wformat-security
-Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-unused-result
-fno-strict-aliasing -mfunction-return=thunk -mindirect-branch=thunk
-Werror -Wl,-z,retpolineplt conftest.c  >&5
/usr/bin/ld: warning: -z retpolineplt ignored.

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