small typo in auth2-hostbased.c causing compilation error with -DDEBUG_PK

Matt Avery mavery at
Thu Mar 29 00:02:17 AEDT 2018

I found a small typo/fixup while compiling a debug build of ssh.

diff --git a/auth2-hostbased.c b/auth2-hostbased.c
index 8996f7e05..600603fef 100644
--- a/auth2-hostbased.c
+++ b/auth2-hostbased.c
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ userauth_hostbased(struct ssh *ssh)
 	    cuser, chost, pkalg, slen);
 #ifdef DEBUG_PK
-	sshbuf_dump_data(sig, siglen, stderr);
+	sshbuf_dump_data(sig, slen, stderr);
 	pktype = sshkey_type_from_name(pkalg);
 	if (pktype == KEY_UNSPEC) {

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