ssh with proxyjump on windows 10

Josh Soref jsoref at
Tue Apr 9 04:30:33 AEST 2019

Microsoft port.

And as with most things, it would depend on which API/subsystem you're

Since this thing is using posix_spawn, it's clearly using the posix API
which presumably is stricter.

Technically the file type stuff is managed by the PATHEXT variable. One can
imagine a win32 where that variable is empty. I don't remember who is
actually responsible for hosting the variable. The msdn for "start" claims
that "cmd" is responsible, and the msdn for "where" says "where" is

powershell/win32-openssh#1185 is some variation of this problem. It's hard
for me to tell what the right behavior is/where any of this should be

The reason I reported it here is that I looked at the upstream code and it
doesn't seem like there's an easy way for me to use ProxyJump with this
flaw, because I can't influence that "ssh" string.

On Mon, Apr 8, 2019, 2:09 PM Damien Miller <djm at> wrote:

> On Sun, 7 Apr 2019, Josh Soref wrote:
> > > ssh -v test
> > OpenSSH_for_Windows_7.7p1, LibreSSL 2.6.5
> > debug1: Reading configuration data C:\\Users\\jsore/.ssh/config
> > debug1: C:\\Users\\jsore/.ssh/config line 11: Applying options for test
> > debug1: Setting implicit ProxyCommand from ProxyJump: ssh -v -W
> '[%h]:%p' apple
> > debug1: Executing proxy command: exec ssh -v -W '[test]:22' apple
> > CreateProcessW failed error:2
> > posix_spawn: No such file or directory
> >
> >
> >
> > It doesn't appear there's an easy way to tell openssh that I need to
> > use `ssh.exe` instead of `ssh`.
> >
> > For 8.1, could something be adjusted to make this work?
> >
> > Note: running `ssh -v -W "[test]:22" apple` almost works
> I'm confused: I thought the .exe suffix wasn't mandatory on Windows?
> Is this Cygwin or the Microsoft OpenSSH port?
> -d

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