Understanding Problem with rsa min key length 1024

schlifka at geekpit.org schlifka at geekpit.org
Thu Apr 11 23:56:50 AEST 2019


Sometime ago min rsa key length was increased to 1024 bit and i have a 
little understanding problem with this.
I hope somebody with some crypto-experience can enlighten me. To make 
that clear, that is not about allowing lower keys in general.
Personally i would tend to use even longer keys(2048bit+).
However Due nature of RSA-algorithm in case of 1024bit this might result 
in a key length of 1023 or 1024 bit.

By default with a RSA Min Key length of 1024 this means all 1023bit 
length keys are rejected, while there is no real advantage regarding the 
complexity of the key when enforcing 1024bit length only.

So here my question, would rejecting the 1023 bit keys not simply limit 
the range of possible keys and therefore lower security of the 
So shouldn't be the min key length 1023bit to ensure that the whole 
range of keys can be used?

Sorry for the stupid questions, just trying to understand(i'm no 

Have a nice day.


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