ssh-agent could not add signed cert when private key stored in yubikey

YC ycflash at
Wed Jan 30 01:35:39 AEDT 2019


I'm currently stuck with yubikey + signed user key + ssh-agent forwarding.
noted, I have private key stored in yubikey, public key in 
~/.ssh/ and signed public key in ~/.ssh/ on PC 
(see bellow).

It's not working with this agent forwarding access: 
PC----Server_A----Server_B. Placing
private key saved in ~/id_rsa, it works fine! After a simple comparsion, 
I found that when
private key store in yubikey hardware, ssh-add would not add signed 
public key ( to ssh-agent, should this be the problem? 
Is there a way to add signed public key to ssh-agent?


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