Is sshd supposed to interpret "{a,b}" brace expansions?

Peter Simons simons at
Thu Jan 31 19:27:35 AEDT 2019

Jakub Jelen writes:

 > from what I understand, the brace expansion is not expanded in the
 > remote scp nor sshd, but in the remote shell (the remote command is
 > run inside of bash -c "command").

yes, you are right of course. Thank you for pointing that out.

Damien Miller writes:

 >> the proposed fix for CVE-2019-6111 [1] adds file name validation to
 >> scp [...]
 > That's _a_ proposed fix, but not the one we used.
 > Ours is:

I see. Thank you very much for the pointer.

Best regards

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