Getting involved in openssh project

Ingo Schwarze schwarze at
Wed Jun 12 22:12:43 AEST 2019

Hi Jitendra,

Sharma, Jitendra wrote on Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 11:16:32AM +0000:

> I am new to this openssh project and recently joined this mailing
> group and started going through the source of openssh


> My query is are there any active development/Enhancement/code
> improvement work ongoing on this project,

Yes.  Development is ongoing in this repository:

Bleeding-edge development happens on OpenBSD-current.

> where newcomers like me could contribute.

That depends on your qualifications, but you do not need to explain
those.  In OpenBSD in general, which OpenSSH is a sub-project of,
you contribute by sending patches, and if there is consensus that
a particular patch is useful, correct, and has no relevant downsides,
developers will commit it when they find the time.  Note that
contributing meaningful patches to OpenSSH is probably more difficult
than contributing to other parts of OpenBSD, not least because working
with cryptography always requires being particularly careful.

Figuring out yourself what you are interested in and what you are
capable of is part of the required qualifications.

One way to get started is reporting bugs in the code and documentation
that you notice in your own usage, and trying to develop patches to fix
those bugs.  Be sure to read:

> Or any other open items which could be picked in order to contribute
> to this project.

All the above said, feel free to look at

But note that triaging bug reports is not necessarily the easiest
nor the most rewarding task for beginners.  Also note that the above
bugtracker may have a bias towards portability issues and towards
features that only exist in the portable version, whereas issues
that affect all operating systems alike and are hence arguably more
important are less likely to end up in the bugtracker or stay there
for long.

In general, in the OpenBSD project, most developers do not consider
maintaining todo lists a priority.


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