SSH hang question

Steve McAfee at
Sun Nov 10 05:07:09 AEDT 2019

Very rarely, but it has repeated, we see openssh on the client side
hanging. On the server side there is no indication of connection in the
logs. These are always scripted remote commands that do not have user
interaction when we find it. This seems to be happening only in vm
environments but I could be wrong. It seems surprising to me that there
would not be timeouts and retries on the protocol, but I'm curious if this
is expected behavior in some configuration or if not, what should I try to
gather when it happens again? Or maybe there is some setting to make the
connection reliable.

We have seen this maybe 2 or 3 times over a couple of years so it is not
frequent. Happened yesterday during a complex distributed installation
process between rhel 7 vm's in the same data center lan.

Any advice appreciated.


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