SSH hang question

Steve McAfee at
Sat Nov 16 01:24:29 AEDT 2019

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the OpenSSH hang. I'm going to ask the
customer to review mtu in their configuration first to see if they can find
a problem. Also, if their host OS is windows there are some things
suggested to check, but I don't think it is windows. If it ever happens
again I'll try to investigate more as suggested by Darren before we
interrupt it.


On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 5:29 AM Philipp Marek <philipp at> wrote:

> ISTR that I've read about some bugs with packet traversal through VM NAT
> setups.
> It was something about the RST packet triggering NAT destruction but not
> being relayed further all the time (some race condition?!), that sounds
> as if it fit the bill here.
> comes close but
> is a bit old...
> You could try to use the TCP keepalive settings in SSH, and/or to reduce
> the MTU size (as mentioned in another mail here already).
> Else a few more setup details might help...

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