Multiple Signatures on SSH-Hostkeys

Bergner, Jan, A-SCM-CIM-SD jan.bergner at
Tue Oct 22 01:39:54 AEDT 2019

Hello, OpenSSH-wizards.

In our company, we have looked into SSH-HostKey-signing in order to

realize automated access without the need to accept the server's

hostkey, manually.

I got it to work with the HostCertificate-directive inside the


Now, I was wondering whether it is possible to have multiple

signatures, so I can, for example, sign the hostkey once with a

company-internal CA to prove to my colleagues that the server belongs

to our company and to sign again with another CA that belongs to say a

specific project so all the servers in this project can be sure to talk

to another project server.

Furthermore, I did not find out, how I would sign different hostkey-

types. (Like RSA and ECDSA.)

Is it possible to realize both?

Thanks and best regards,



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