OpenSSH 8.3p1 on Fedora 1

Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Mon Aug 10 09:54:35 AEST 2020

I'm not sure if the compat team is interested in this...

I build OpenSSH on antique systems for regression testing, like Fedora
1 and Ubuntu 4. On Fedora 1 this is observed (Ubuntu 4 is OK):

   $ ssh
   Last login: Sun Aug  9 23:39:18 2020 from
   unknown terminal "xterm-256color"
   unknown terminal "xterm-256color"

I'm not sure where xterm-256color comes from, but it seems to be
specific to Fedora 1. The only mention I can find of it is:

    $ sudo grep -IR xterm-256color /etc
    /etc/termcap:#    * add xterm-88color and xterm-256color -TD

My .bashrc and .bash_profile both exports XTERM=xterm, so it may be
something related to the antique SSH config files. Even though I am
running OpenSSH 8.3, config still comes from the original F1 files. It
may be one of the old F1 settings.


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